Profuturo Project

Art direction, Illustration and app design for Profuturo project while working in Tekman Education company.

Client :


Role :

Art Direction, Graphic design, illustration


Natalia Pereira (CocoD'Mor): Art direction, Design, Illustration. // Anna Vazquez: Project manager. // Jessica Cordoba, Andrea Berrios: Editor. // Ricardo Gallego, Isabel Rojas : Writing. // Beatriz Ramos, Laia Blanco: Pedagogy. // Susana Soto, Cristian Barbeito: Illustration. // Itequia: APP Programming.// Nov25: Video.

ProFuturo is an educational programme introduced by Fundación Telefónica and Fundación Bancaria “la Caixa” whose mission is to reduce the world’s education gap, through providing quality digital education to children in vulnerable areas of Africa, Latin America and Asia.

App Background Pattern

App Design

Character design for app exercises and video

Feedback pop up

Feedback - Awesome

Feedback - Not bad

Feedback - Ops, try again

Illustrations for "hotspot" exercise

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